Donna Romina x IDEAL OF SWEDEN

Romina Meier has shot to Instagram stardom in less than a year and is inspiring thousands of followers with her edgy style and authentic attitude. IDEAL OF SWEDEN has partnered up with the German influencer, better known as @DonnaRomina, to create a collection that speaks for itself.

Chic and luxurious or playful and lively – the Donna Romina Collection is a testimony to the blogger’s personal style, along with her impeccable hand for luxurious looks and love for travel. Including four captivating new cases, Romina’s collection features expertly designed contrasts to make every case a statement piece. From bold animal prints to opulent ornaments and dramatic, nature-inspired elements, each piece sets a new standard.

Khaki Snake

Animal prints are an all-time favorite, and they’re on trend now more than ever!

Salt Water Marble

Lively and dramatic, yet peaceful and quiet, the ocean is truly fascinating.

Marigold Leo

Marigold Leo features a classic leopard print adorned with a bold golden pattern.

Mother Earth

Hold the whole world in your hands with this dreamy design in bluish green.